Thursday, July 15, 2010

I will always love you...

Our sweet Sophie girls was put down little over a week ago. It was our final decision, and it was a horrible one to make. She was struggling and not enjoying life anymore. She made it eight months with cancer and she was a fighter. I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my face, i miss her so much. My stomach hurts every time i realize i will never see her sweet face again. I cry every time Jack asks me, "why is Sophie in heaven." He is having a really hard time and I feel so helpless. My mom used to tell me the worst feeling in the world is when you can't "fix" your child's sadness. Now, i completely understand, there is nothing I can do but love him and help him go through the grieving process. Sophie was an incredible dog and we were lucky to have her for five years. I know she we always be with us and in our hearts! I love you Sophie girl!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

happily ever after

Tonight Rob and I went to a wedding for one of his co -workers. This was the most unconventional wedding i have ever been to, canned bear, a taco bar, plastic table clothes and karaoke. With that said, it was wonderful...let me explain! So I'm a total sucker for weddings, in this case the groom was 63 and had never been married. They were so incredibly happy and in love. It wasn't the type of wedding I'm used to attending but it worked for them, actually, it worked for everyone. We all had a wonderful time, eating amazing food, drinking and most of all laughing. I met many of Rob's co-workers that i had never met before. I have heard all of there names and stories about them but never indeed met them. Tonight opened my eyes to so many wonderful things. Every morning Rob wakes up, puts his nice clothes on and goes to work. I usually talk to him a few times a day and then he comes home and changes his clothes and becomes daddy/husband. Tonight i was able to peak into his work life, and I became aware of what a outstanding member of society he has become. Each worker, even the president of the company came to me at different points of the evening to share with me what an amazing man Robert is. I know he is an amazing husband and Daddy but it was so wonderful to hear so many admiring things about him. I am so proud and honored that I was able to hear all these wonderful stories and moments about his career and how people view him. It was a treat and I know he has just begun on his wonderful path to a very successful career, he is such a hard and determined man that I know wonderful things are to come in the future.
With that said, in a week from today we will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary. As i was at the wedding tonight I was reminiscing about our day. We met when I was 18 and now I'm 30. We have truly grown up together, going through so many changes and life decisions. I can honestly say I'm more in love with him this minute than I was on our wedding day! Don't get me wrong, we argue, we fight, he bugs me at times, his farts stink, he can't put his glasses in the dishwasher but at the end of the day he is mine. Tonight makes me remember why I fell in love with him. He is proud of me and isn't afraid to show it, he loves me for who I am and we can just look at each other and know what were thinking. When we met at 18 ,it was NOT love at first sight but now I only see love. Neither of us are perfect and we continue to learn and grow but we are happy. There isn't anyone else who can make me laugh the way he does, even if I really don't want to. Sometimes life is so busy that we forget to stop and make time for each other, but tonight was a reminder to me. We are lucky enough that we get to share time alone together, just me and Robbie...that's how this all started and I believe its very healthy to reconnect and focus on each other. I know most of the time I put my kids first but tonight as we were at this oddly romantic, crazy wedding, i remembered without the strength of our marriage nothing else is possible.
With that said...Robbie, I love you and you are my happily ever after!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Seriously Behind...June Catch-up

My Adorable family

Come on doggy!!

too cool

Grampy and Jack Jack

Swimmer Boy
Loves Fishing

My Favorites

Best Buds

Ok.... so I am really behind in posting!!! June has flown by and has reallySUPER busy! I absolutely love summer and we are having a blast...well the kids and me. Robbie started a new job about a month ago and things are great but he is super busy and working long hours. We enjoy him when he gets home and the weekends but we thank him for working so hard for our family! So lets catch up!! In June we have, gone to Disneyland twice, been to the pool at least 20 times, park, play dates, gymboree, 3 birthday parties, Grammy and Grampy's house...I'm sure more I just can't think! So that is why I'm sooo behind!

Kid's update....Jack is thriving at school. We had his parent conference and Ms. Dani said he has met all his standards...he excels at everything and is very independent. He is not a follower, and if he doesn't want to do something the other kids are doing he will find something that he wants to do! He knows all his shapes, colors, can count to twenty, knows the alphabet and loves books! He will continue with school during the summer and move to the next classroom in September. I'm so happy we decided to put him in school. He was once sooooo shy and now he has really come out of his shell. He loves playing with his friends and all sports. We are always outside and he is super competitive. SWIMMING...he is a total fish, we did swim lessons in may and the first day he was in tears and now we can't get him out! He is amazing...he can swim so far while under the water. We are soooo proud of him. Last but not least.....totally POTTY TRAINED!!! YIPPEE!!! I thought he was going to be going to kindergarten in pull-ups, but one day he decided he wanted to go and that was it!!! This week he has mastered pooping in the potty!! The diapers are gone, he even sleeps all night in his undies!!! This is a huge accomplishment and Rob and I are so proud of our big boy! Jack is amazing. He makes us laugh everyday, he has such a kind heart and a true mama's boy!!!

Zoe...almost two!!! I have to say having a daughter is so amazing. I can see that we will be best friends just like my mom and I. We will be able to share so many wonderful things together. Zoe is also thriving and learning so much everyday! When we take Jack to school she loves to play and interact with the other kids, she will be starting school in the fall and i know she will love it! She also loves the pool. She has NO fear and that's scary but her swimming continues to improve and she really loves playing in the kiddie pool. Zoe has a zest for life...she always wants to go and have a good time, shes up for anything and will try whatever at least once! She hangs out with mostly Jack's friends so she thinks she can do a lot more than she can...but she can definitely hold her own. She cracks me up...she is very naughty and adorable...the problem is she knows it and thinks she can get away with anything! She is totally girlie, wants to wear a dress everyday, carries a purse almost always, has numerous necklaces and bracelets on when were home and love walking around in my shoes!!! She absolutely adores her brother and cheers him on when he goes potty!! She is my sweet pea and I love her so much! I say she is my beast, and she is but she is wonderful and I adore her!!!

Things we have been enjoying lately....
making pancakes in the morning
taking silly pictures
all napping together on my bed
doing the pee pee dance
having dance parties with daddy at night
eating yummy popcorn after baths
BBQ's with friends and letting the kids stay up too late!
playing outside till late
tickle parties

...not taking life to seriously!

I absolutely LOVE summer and we are enjoying everyday to the fullest!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

family pictures

My friend Jaimie is a wonderful photographer. She took family pictures for us last Sunday!! It started out a little rough, Zoe was not cooperating at all. I didn't think were able to get very many good pictures but I was pleasantly surprised. Jaimie sent me the link and I was in tears! She has a wonderful way of capturing a family! I will always cherish these pictures!!
ps...there are so many more but these are some of my favorites!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Undie FUN!!!!

So Jack is officially going on the potty!!! Today we went to target to buy some more undies....when we got home he wanted to put a new pair on. One thing led to another...and then we had some undie fun!! I remember my brother and I have similar pictures!!! These are the momemts i cherish...Jack, Zoe and I belly laughing upstairs!! These pictures make me happy!!!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was spent with some new friends! The kids met at school and we have really enjoyed spending time together as families!!


Cousin Michele and Me
Zoe and Grammy

Jack and his cool tatoo

Zoe and Alexandra

Crazy time in New York!!

James and Jack

Cool T shirts at the party!

Jack and Rufus!!

Two weeks ago we went to New York for my 2nd cousin Alexandra's first communion party! It was a crazy trip but it was filled with fun times, laughs and most of all family!!!