Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bring it on

So my days of being in my twenties are almost over. Thirty is approaching and I have been thinking a lot about it lately. At first i was upset about turning thirty. I don't feel thirty, people tell me I don't look thirty, but there was something about the number that was freaking me out. I stopped to reflect on my twenties....so many wonderful things happened. I graduated college, i received my teaching credential, I got married, I taught kindergarten and fifth grade, Rob and I bought our first home, I had my two beautiful children, i traveled and many more fabulous things!! My twenties were good to me...i learned a lot, grew up, experienced many life lessons....so I've been thinking what am I so scared about???? I then made a decision, I'm not scared to turn thirty...I'm going to welcome it with open arms...I've heard many people say that your 30's has been amazing. I'm excited to watch my children grow and develop into little people, I'm excited about new career opportunities, I'm thrilled to travel more with my family and create new wonderful memories with my husband, and whatever else it brings. I feel lucky to have been blessed with so many things in my life and this birthday will just add to it!!!!!!!
So 30...BRING IT ON!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Santa Barbara Getaway!

Every night Jack and Daddy pretend they are Spiderman and Cravenoff...I made them capes to where so they can really play the part!!!
Robbie made us breakfast...heart shaped french toast!!!

Happy Valentines Day

So silly

At the beach!!

Zoe and her doggy!! She LOVED the sand!!!

Sophie and her Frisbee!!! She loved the beach!

Where are Zoe's legs??????

Jack's turn!!!

Watching a movie....almost bedtime!!! ( Daddy looks worn out)

Cool boys!

They were sooooo excited!!

My sweet children!!!

My cute family!!!

Bathing Beauty

Best buds!!

Daddy and Zoe Bear

Soaking in the sun!

Mommy and Bear!
Over the weekend we took the kids to Santa Barbara for a little vacation. The weather was beautiful, the kids had a great time and we created wonderful memories! It was very spontaneous and it turned out to be the perfect getaway! It was very busy and full of fun! The hotel we stayed at allowed dogs, so Sophie came too! It was so fun to have her with us!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Shelby posted this on her blog and I thought it would be fun to do the same!!

10 things that make me happy!

1. My hubby!!
2. My two beautiful, healthy amazing children
3. My sweet Sophie girl...she has been through so much and is such a trooper!
4. My mom and dad! They are so wonderful!
5. Dancing
6. Yummy food
7. Shopping
8. Hearing my children laugh and play together
9. Warm sunny days!
10. My amazing friends!

Love day playgroup

Silly Girl!!
decorating her princess crown!!
slide fun!

Mommy and Zoe

Today Zoe and I went to a Valentine's day playgroup! We had lots of fun, playing, making crafts and eating yummy treats!!! Thanks to Lindsay, Brooke and Gracie for a fun day!!!!

School love day party

Sweet Boy
Pretty Zoe

Present for Mommy and Daddy


Jack's box for his Valentine's

Playing with his buddies!

Silly Boys

Thanks Jack, he was so proud!!

He loved his new shoes!

At school on Friday Jack had a Valentines day party! The kids brought valentines for each other and put them in boxes they had decorated at school. When we came to pick them up the kids gave us a gift they made for mommy and daddy....i will cherish it forever!! Jack had so much fun coming home and looking through all his goodies! FUN!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Heart

This big boy makes me smile and laugh everyday! When he wakes up he always greets me with a kiss and is so enthusiastic to start the day! He is a burst of sunshine and always eager to learn. He is striving at school. On Tuesday night we were out to dinner, out of nowhere he started singing a song that he learned from his french teacher...he sang the whole song with hand movements. Rob and I looked at each other so proud of our boy!! He once was so shy but he has definitely burst out of his bubble and enjoys interacting with people. Every night when I put him to bed I lay with him and he loves to tell me stories. Before he falls asleep, I give him kisses and say "sweet dreams" he then follows with, "Mommy i love you a really lot"!!! He has such a creative imagination and his mind is always working. He has a warm heart and always looks out for his sister. He continues to tell me he wants a new baby, a boy and he wants him to be short!! I don't know about that! Hopefully i can convince him otherwise, at least for the time being!

She loves her...

CRIB!!! It took her awhile but now she loves to play in it, takes nap in it and sleep in it!!!

Tubby Time

Zoe has officially graduated from the sink and has joined her brother in the big tubby! The two of them are having so much fun playing together, slashing and trying to swim. Zoe is so adventurous. It makes my life easier too...so fun watching them grow up and becoming friends!!