Monday, September 28, 2009

Miss Ladybug

This past Sunday we had Zoe's First Birthday party at Gymboree!! It was wonderful and she had a great time! We had so many people come and share this special event!!! I truly can't believe my baby girl is turning one tomorrow!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just because....

i love them so much! I took these today! Jack got a treat after school because he is such a good boy and Zoe was full of smiles while playing! I love my kids SOOOOO much!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jack's first day!!!!!

So my very big boy started pre-school last Tuesday! He did great...i stayed the first day and Thursday I left for the first half and then came back for the second hour....there were a few tears but he was totally fine! I know many kids walk right in and don't look back but that is not my Jack Jack! He is very attached to me and it is hard for him but he is doing great and hopefully in a few weeks he will be going to school all by himself. He is going to Monarch Academy...he loves, I love, so were both thrilled. His very two best friends, Jack and Charlee are in his class so that makes it soooo much better! I really can't believe my baby boy started school! I am so proud of him and although it makes me sad that he isn't little anymore. I can see what a sweet, kind and amazing boy he is...he has a true love to learn and although he might be shy and nervous he pushes himself to try new things. He makes me burst with joy and love and I can''t wait to see what the future holds for him.. He will ALWAYS be my baby boy and I love him to the moon and back!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

zip lining was so....

CRAZY but so fun. So I had the idea to go zip lining before we even got to Hawaii but once we got there and once the day had come i was nervous wreck!! So we had to get up early and drive about 45 minutes. We finally got to the place and filled out all these waivers(not such a great thing if your already nervous)....then we headed out. Our guides were great and I was totally "THAT GIRL"...i was screaming, asking a million questions and I made the guide place my hands every time for in fear that if I did it wrong i would fall!!! Everyone thought I was funny and one guy even videotaped me and told me he was going to put me on you tube with the title..."Screaming girl zip ling from Valencia, Ca"...It was so much fun and I would totally do it again!!