Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I love, love, love 3 day weekends!

So I love 3 day weekends...Even though its only one more day I feel like its longer and I love that Robbie is home with us one extra day! Saturday was spent in Valencia just running errands, we had our carpet cleaned, swam in the pool and Robbie made me a yummy dinner. Sunday we headed down to the OC...we went to my parents swim club. We had a great time, swimming, fishing, and playing in the playground. After we left we headed to Grammy and Grampy's, Jack's favorite place in the world.. As soon as we walked in he headed upstairs with Grampy to the "toy room" as Jack calls it. It's a room filled with all of Jacks toys and him and Grampy spend many fun-filled hours playing together! Monday Jack, Daddy and I headed off to Disneyland for a few hours while Grammy and Zoe were at the house...we had a great day with our Jack Jack...It's so nice being able to give him all the attention sometimes! All in all it was a wonderful weekend!!

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