Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Swim Time

Giving hugs to Ms. Kim and thanking her on the last day!!!

Last week the kids participated in a five day intense swim class...there were 7 kids in the group and each child had 25 minutes alone with the instructor everyday! The first day there were tears but by day five they were all swimming and were happy to be doing it! Zoe's lessons were to teach her water safety but she is swimming so great for not even being two years old. Jack has become a water bug! He loves Ms. Kim so much that on Monday he asked if he could go back and swim more with her! I highly recommend her!! She is an amazing teacher and I feel so lucky that my kids had the opportunity to learn from her!! I think this will be a summer filled with many pool days and happy, safe kids!!!

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  1. so cool that you guys got to do this! Looks like they both had a lot of fun :)