Friday, July 17, 2009

So Fast

Zoe's newborn picture
Beautiful Zoe at 9 Months

Handsome Jack Jack at 2 1/2

Jack Allan at 2 days old!!!

I went to visit my friend Shelby and her new beautiful baby girl Rylee Grace. It was such treat to hold such a sweet, beautiful, innocent new miracle. I know Zoe is only 9 1/2 months but holding a newborn is such a joy, and when its not yours you don't have to worry about feedings, or diaper changes or anything at all. I just held her, smelled her, kissed her and loved her up! It's amazing how a newborn can give me baby fever....don't worry once i really thought about it I came back to reality. What i keep thinking about is how time goes so quickly. I remember being in the hospital with Jack like it was yesterday and now he is 2 1/2 and Zoe is such a big girl already, crawling, pulling herself up, sitting in a high chair. I'm so trying to savor every minute with them. There are days that i wish they were older so my life would be easier but I always try and remember that this time is going to fly by! Rob and i were talking the other night about Jack going to college and we both got teary eyed, it's 15 years away but we never want our baby to leave! So tonight when I was putting Zoe to bed I rocked her a little longer and just stared at her beautiful face knowing that too quickly this time will pass!!

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