Sunday, July 26, 2009


For the past two Saturdays, Rob, Auntie Lo Lo and Jack have gone to lil kickers soccer for Jack and he LOVES it! Auntie played soccer at Pepperdine so she was so excited to come join the fun! Jack walked on the field, listened to the teachers, followed directions and had a blast. Auntie said he ran the entire time and was super competitive. This week the teacher told Rob he should move up to the older class because he is advanced....auntie is soooo proud! This is such a wonderful activity and with all the things Jack is involved I think this is his favorite!!!


  1. Unca will be so sad. What about t-ball?

  2. We think that Jack should get to play t-ball, soccer and badminton!

    Auntie Phyliss and Auntie Cathy

    Great photos!

  3. how fun that he gets to do this, and that Rob and auntie get to go with him! I bet he loves it!