Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Time

So today Jack and myself along with his best friends, Jack and Charlee went to the Lombardi Pumpkin Patch. Rob and Zoe stayed home because Zoe wasn't feeling well... we will be going back so she can have her first visit! We had a great day... we looked at lots of pumpkins, climbed up the hay stacks and rode the ponies. This was Jack's first time wanting to ride them and he did great! We brought home some big pumpkins and tiny ones for Jack for his school and he wanted to pick one and bring one home for Zoe! I have a feeling we will be visiting there a lot between now and Halloween. After dinner, Rob and Jack chose one of the pumpkins and carved it! Jack was interested for awhile and then got bored because Rob had to do all the carving. Jack did enjoy putting the candle in and watching it glow! I truly LOVE this time of year!


  1. FUN! Sorry Zoe is sick...hope she feels better soon. Did you parents still go?

    - Wen

  2. What cute pictures! I absolutely love this time of year too. Lombardi is so much fun...we should go there together before Halloween.