Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Then and Now...

Anna, was Jack's very first friend...we met Shelby and Anna at Gymboree when they were about three months!!! We are still so close and the kids love each other and enjoy each other so much!! Shelby sent me this picture of the two of them in the bath...they were about 7 months! We had taken them swimming and then put them in the bath together. When I opened this picture up I had tears in my eyes...happy tears but I can't believe how big they are getting. I love the age Jack is at now, but I sooooo miss the baby days with him!!! I'm trying to cherish every moment because this feels like yesterday!!! Thanks Shelby!!!
Sweet Babies!!!

So Big!!!!


  1. Wow...what great pictures:)

  2. Time is going by way too fast. xo

  3. everytime they are together I just cannot believe how big they have gotten, and then to add Zoe and Rylee in to the mix...let me just say that we are all very thankful for you guys and our almost three years of wonderful friendship! love you guys! xoxo