Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Turning 3...

Grammy and Jack


Zoe and Daddy

Silly Boys

My spiderman!!!

Sweet Face

Grammy brought balloons!!!

Jack's Birthday was a fun-filled day! He woke up and went down stairs to a table full of spider man decorations....his friends Jack and Charlee came over for breakfast for Jacks favorites, bagels, donuts and chocolate milk. About 11am Grammy came and we went to Stonefire for lunch (Jacks' favorite)!! Then we came home for a quick nap and when he woke up Grampy had come. The plan was Grammy and Grampy were going to take him to the movies but they got there and it was sold out. They then asked Jack if he wanted to go play games at Chuck E Cheese...he said YES, of course. They came back home around 5 and we got ready for our family party. Us, my parents, Rob's Mom, Grandma and Jack's cousin Brenden came along with our wonderful friends Mike and Lisa...we had pizza, cupcakes and presents! It was truly a fun day...Jack had so much fun telling everyone he was three and a big boy! I hope this year is filled with wonderful things for him!!! I love seeing him so happy and I hope and pray he will always be a happy boy!! xoxo


  1. looks like he had a perfect day! I am so happy it was a great one for him :)

  2. Such a big boy! And SO adorable! Glad he had a happy birthday...Looks like someone loves spiderman! :)

  3. What a fun day! Happy Birthday Jack- you are such a sweetheart and Ella is so happy to have you as her friend!

  4. you have the most beautiful family I have ever seen! Jack's baby shower seems like yesterday. can't believe he's 3 already! Happy birthday Jack!