Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Heart

This big boy makes me smile and laugh everyday! When he wakes up he always greets me with a kiss and is so enthusiastic to start the day! He is a burst of sunshine and always eager to learn. He is striving at school. On Tuesday night we were out to dinner, out of nowhere he started singing a song that he learned from his french teacher...he sang the whole song with hand movements. Rob and I looked at each other so proud of our boy!! He once was so shy but he has definitely burst out of his bubble and enjoys interacting with people. Every night when I put him to bed I lay with him and he loves to tell me stories. Before he falls asleep, I give him kisses and say "sweet dreams" he then follows with, "Mommy i love you a really lot"!!! He has such a creative imagination and his mind is always working. He has a warm heart and always looks out for his sister. He continues to tell me he wants a new baby, a boy and he wants him to be short!! I don't know about that! Hopefully i can convince him otherwise, at least for the time being!


  1. yes! do make more babies! Your children are beautiful and amazing! :D

  2. The loves of our lives!!!!