Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Santa Barbara Getaway!

Every night Jack and Daddy pretend they are Spiderman and Cravenoff...I made them capes to where so they can really play the part!!!
Robbie made us breakfast...heart shaped french toast!!!

Happy Valentines Day

So silly

At the beach!!

Zoe and her doggy!! She LOVED the sand!!!

Sophie and her Frisbee!!! She loved the beach!

Where are Zoe's legs??????

Jack's turn!!!

Watching a movie....almost bedtime!!! ( Daddy looks worn out)

Cool boys!

They were sooooo excited!!

My sweet children!!!

My cute family!!!

Bathing Beauty

Best buds!!

Daddy and Zoe Bear

Soaking in the sun!

Mommy and Bear!
Over the weekend we took the kids to Santa Barbara for a little vacation. The weather was beautiful, the kids had a great time and we created wonderful memories! It was very spontaneous and it turned out to be the perfect getaway! It was very busy and full of fun! The hotel we stayed at allowed dogs, so Sophie came too! It was so fun to have her with us!!!


  1. All these photos bring back so many memories of our shared family times when you and Michael were young children. Now it's your turn to create these precious moments that will stay with you always. We love you all very much. xoxoxo Mom

  2. looks like you guys had a really great trip! :)

  3. Love the pictures! Looks like you guys had a perfect weekend!!!

  4. So fun!!! Such a beautiful family and great pictures!