Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bring it on

So my days of being in my twenties are almost over. Thirty is approaching and I have been thinking a lot about it lately. At first i was upset about turning thirty. I don't feel thirty, people tell me I don't look thirty, but there was something about the number that was freaking me out. I stopped to reflect on my twenties....so many wonderful things happened. I graduated college, i received my teaching credential, I got married, I taught kindergarten and fifth grade, Rob and I bought our first home, I had my two beautiful children, i traveled and many more fabulous things!! My twenties were good to me...i learned a lot, grew up, experienced many life lessons....so I've been thinking what am I so scared about???? I then made a decision, I'm not scared to turn thirty...I'm going to welcome it with open arms...I've heard many people say that your 30's has been amazing. I'm excited to watch my children grow and develop into little people, I'm excited about new career opportunities, I'm thrilled to travel more with my family and create new wonderful memories with my husband, and whatever else it brings. I feel lucky to have been blessed with so many things in my life and this birthday will just add to it!!!!!!!
So 30...BRING IT ON!!!!


  1. great attitude! My 30's have been great (I have been here for a few years ya know ;)). I think your 30's will be wonderful!

  2. If the next thirty are anything like the first thirty, you are in for a fabulous ride!!!!!!!
    xoxoxo Mom

  3. Lisa, that is exactly how I felt when I turned 30... sad to say goodbye to my 20's because they were incredible years for me, yet excited to see what my 30's had in store. Speaking from personal experience, 30's are just as magical!

  4. I'm not too far behind you Lis, and I'm hoping to have the same positive attitude that you do as I near 30. Here's to 30 (at least) more years of friendship, watching our kids grow, and making memories!

  5. Le,
    Love that attitude and what you wrote! I think we will LOVE our 30's!!!! XOXO

    - Wen